Don't like
wasting your time?
Snaptier automates repetitive development tasks through automated code changes so you can focus on what matters.
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Stack migrations
Migrate a project from one stack or language to another, for example JavaScript to TypeScript.
Dependency upgrades
Upgrade a project to a new dependency version while adopting new paradigms and best practices.
Platform migrations
Migrate issues and other content from one platform to another while preserving all metadata.
How does it work?
Select a task and configure it
Grant access to your repo
Review and merge the PR
Snaptier is still in development.

In order to maintain transparency, keep future users up-to-date and give anyone interested an insight into our work, we've decided to build Snaptier in the open.

We are live-streaming the development and will be publishing a podcast discussing interesting product decisions and technical problems we encounter.

If you're interested in this content or just the product in general, sign up for updates and check out the links below.

Our team
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